Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's my Birthday and I'll cheer if I want too!

I have had the most wonderful birthday in my entire life, I've been celebrating for a few days. I have the most amazing family and the best friends. I've been taken to lunch by my friend Juli to Applebees and by my sweet sister Janili to Art City Trolley. I was taken to Tucano's last night, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner out with my hubby and son, and even got a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apple... mmmm yummy! This morning I opened my present and it is a beautiful watch. My hubby and my son surprised me with it, they scored big time! Tomorrow my mom is taking me to lunch at Los Hermanos! I love to eat out, and my family and friends know it. I've had many friends wish me Happy Birthday via email, Facebook and phone. I feel so loved today, and that is what the world is all about. Thanks everyone for helping me have such a wonderful birthday, I love you all!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Torture = NOT FAIR

So, my birthday is this month, August 30th. I'm not very excited about birthdays anymore because I'm so old!! I'm turning 36 this year, closer to 40 now than to 30. My son is in High School, and I'm just feeling my age for sure! I am excited because I get to be treated to dinner, and I love to eat, and of course I'm always hoping for a good present from my boys! Well, last Saturday, Monty and Brennon invited my sister Jani to go shopping with them and left me at home all alone. When they got back, they had dinner from The Mongolian Grill, my favorite, and a bag from Nordstrom. They weren't doing anything to hide the bag, actually, it was being flaunted in my face...torture. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, Monty, right in front of my eyes, put the Nordstrom bag on top of the kitchen cabinets, looked at me with a grin, and giggled. You see, I'm short and can't reach the top of the kitchen cabinets without a chair, and I DON'T stand on chairs! So now, for an entire week, I have to stare at the Nordstrom bag, the bag that is screaming my name, and can't know what's in it until Sunday the 30th. TORTURE!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Need to Feel Better

Monty and I are experiencing middle age full force lately! We've both been sick for over a month. Not 'I'm gonna die so I need to go to the hospital' kinda sick, just lingering stuffy, runny, coughing, congestion, sore throat that keeps coming back kinda sick! We've both been to the doctor, and been given medication for bronchitis, but just this morning I woke up with another sore throat. It's totally crazy.

I wonder a lot why I have a blog!! Nothing exciting ever happens to our little Evans clan. Everyday consists of getting up and going to work, working, then coming home and spending time as a family. I'm sure that life will be more exciting and hectic once school starts on 8/19. Brennon in High School unable to drive yet is going to be stressful for me!! I'm gonna become taxi service for him and his friends again! But I love him so much, and would do anything for him. He is the light of my life. He is enjoying soccer right now, and is excited for his music and drama classes this year.

Right now I'm really grateful for the blessings in my life. My amazing husband who is so good to me, and my talented son whom I love so much. We enjoyed a game of Risk last week. We normally play the Mission Card version, but for the first time we played Total Domination. The game expanded over two days, and I eventually won, I don't really know how... I wiped Monty and Brennon out in one turn, the last turn. I felt bad, I don't like Total Domination with my boys!! I think that the game went on for so long because I don't like attacking either of them!! Silly I know!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

It almost killed me!

I went to girl's camp last week, for the entire week, for the first time in 20 years. It almost killed me! That little sentence, those four words, is something I said multiple times last week! Let's just say, that being 36 and unhealthy makes for a difficult week of camping, hiking & roughing it. I know that Monty and Brennon will laugh when they read the words 'roughing it', because our ward goes to Heber Valley Camp in Heber, UT. It's a huge area with about 8 camps. Each camp has little campsites within it that include cabins that sleep 16, WITH electricity, and a pavillion with a kitchen with running HOT water and refrigerators! There are also bathroom buildings which include flushing toilets and showers with HOT water! The reason the week was so hard for me is all of the hiking and walking, and the sleeping on an air mattress every night with my bad back. I will admit that I was worried about making it the entire week. But I survived, thrived, and had a great spiritual experience at Girl's Camp, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.... even though it almost killed me!

The first day we went to the challenge course. This consisted of hiking downhill the entire way to the challenge course, and 6 different stations where we learned about loving and trusting each other, and pushing ourselves. The last station was the zip line, which was fun... except that to enjoy the thrill of the zip line, you had to first 'rock climb' a huge tree, then 'shimmey' across a tight wire sideways to get to it. All of the girls were really excited that the other leaders and I were going to do this challenge. Even though I was attached to a harness, and the man promised me that he wouldn't let me fall, I had to do all of the work. I am very proud to admit, that as difficult as it was, I climbed the entire tree, shimmied across the entire tight wire, and zipped down the entire line... I DID IT!! It almost killed me! Once I completed the zip line, and got my harness off, it was time to go back to camp. This was the hardest part of Monday. As I mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph, we hiked all downhill getting to the challenge course, so now we had to hike all uphill to get back to camp. I told the girls and other leaders that I needed to take it slow, to go on without me, and if they didn't see me in an hour or so, to send reinforcements! One girl waited and walked with me and was a great support, and I finally made it back to camp! The hike almost killed me! By the end of Monday, my back was hurting so bad that I was limping... thank goodness for prescription medication!

On Wednesday our ward went to the lake. The lake was farther from our campsite than the challenge course, so I told all of the girls and leaders that I was unable to go, which was disappointing to all of them! I told them I just wouldn't be able to hike back up to the campsite, it would probably kill me! Anyway, after our girls left for the 30 minutes downhill hike to the lake, I found out that another leader from another ward was driving her car down to the lake and that she would love to give me a ride. I arrived at the lake before our girls, and when I finally saw them, I ran to them and said, "what took you guys so long?". 4 girls came running to me and almost knocked me over with their hugs. That was amazing! I felt so loved! Anyway, I then was able to spend an hour on the lake, in a paddle boat with another leader and enjoy nature the way Heavenly Father intended. We had 2 minutes of silence on the water that day, and thought about the scripture "Be Thou comforted, Know that I am God!" It was amazing and I will remember that experience forever. Luckily, I was able to ride in a car back to our campsite, and this day DIDN'T almost kill me!

The rest of the week was full of certifications, flag ceremonies, eating, laughing, loving, crying and inspiring. It was a great week, that almost killed me, but that taught me a lot about myself and my self worth. I felt loved by the leaders and the young women... and the best part, my boys missed me!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm so excited!! All the final papers for our house refinance were signed this morning. We had enough equity in our house to pay off debt, and with interest rates being as amazing as they are, we are going to have our house paid off in 15 years. Yep, you read right, our house refinance knocked 10 years off our mortgage! It's so exciting! We love our house. We've lived here for 5 years and really enjoy our neighborhood and ward. Brennon loves attending the schools in Springville and has a lot of friends. Some people are confused that we live in Springville. Monty works in Draper and I work in Orem, so we both commute everyday, but we don't mind. We love that we live in a small town, we love that we live on a mountain, literally, you walk out our front door and can go hiking on a mountain! We love that we have great neighbors, we love our spectacular view of Utah Valley and Utah Lake from every window in our house except two. We love that we have 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a double car garage. We love that we have a big basement that is almost finished, and is so cool in the summer. We love that we don't have to mow our lawns, or pay for watering them! We love that we are homeowners, and that we have found some freedom in our refinance!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Monty's 40 today!

Today is Monty's 40th birthday. We've had a great day so far, and below are some pictures to prove it. We started the day (we both took today off of work!) sleeping in until 8am! WOOHOO! We don't get the chance to sleep in very often, so we both enjoyed that very much. Then we were off to have breakfast at IHOP. Sitting, eating and chatting... we love to do that! I got the strawberry crepes and they were yummy!

After breakfast came Monty's surprise. Monty has his very own 'bucket list'. You know, that list of things that you really want to do before you die, but think you'll never ever actually do? Well, one of the things that's on that list is skydiving! For his 40th birthday I wanted to give that to him. After much research, I decided that actual skydiving, out of a plane, was not the best option for him. A friend directed me to They have indoor skydiving! They have a huge indoor wind tunnel that provides you with all the sensations and thrills of jumping out of a plane, but has none of the risks of actually jumping out of a plane! He had a blast, and I had a blast watching him have a blast!

Gearing up for the flight

Gearing up for the flight

An instructor was in the wind tunnel with him

Flying on his own

Learning how to fly
Happy birthday to my amazing husband! Here's to another prosperous 40 years!!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life gets in the way

So, I've not submitted an entry to the blog in quite a while, but that's ok cause nobody really reads our blog. Life has just been trudging along for us. Brennon is really glad that school is out for summer, especially because now he's done with Junior High for good. In August he will be a Sophmore at Springville High School and he's really excited. Of course, this just adds to the many things that make me feel very, very old. Brennon turned 15 on April 28th and he has his Learner's Permit. This means that every time we have to go somewhere, he wants to drive. He's doing really well, with only one mishap so far - he drove into my house!! When I got home he came up to me and said, "I'm sorry that I hurt your house!" But, he and Monty hammered the garage door back into place. Now the only thing that's there to remind me is the cracked and chipped stucco at the base of the garage! Oh well, there is a learning curve to all things!

Next week is Monty's 40th (yes you read right, the big 4-0) birthday. I have a big surprise planned for him, so I'll blog about it after the fact, and post pictures!! Work is going well for Monty, he has a stable job that he enjoys, and that is a blessing for sure. He is serving as the Secretary in the Young Men's Presidency so that keeps him pretty busy. Since I'm also serving as the Secretary in the Young Women's Presidency, all three of us get to attend youth night for our ward together. We have a good time!

My uncle Lemar (my mother's brother) passed away last week and the funeral was on Saturday June 6th. My sisters and I drove to Boise for the funeral and had a tiring but fun road trip. I love my sisters, they are the bomb! 3 year old Madi Mae and 1 year old Jaxon got to come for the ride too, and we had a blast. Mom did great, she enjoyed seeing all of her family including her 3 surviving brothers. I've posted a picture of us taken at the cemetary, aren't we super cute?

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